Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Toronto, June 27 2009 - For one day only, Light Up Our Alley street festival will take over the corner of Dupont and Spadina to celebrate the reclamation of public space with music, art, a community rummage sale, and a night time lantern walk.

Events begin at noon in the alley on the Southwest corner of Dupont and Spadina, across the street from the Dupont subway station. Activities will include a community rummage sale, BBQ and potluck, a Really Really Free Market, face painting, local vendors, bike repairs, juggling, gardening, mural painting, art installations, do-it-yourself tables, and a re-decoration of recycling and garbage bins. Everyone is urged to participate. Bring food to grill or share, old treasures to sell or give, and recycling and garbage bins to decorate.

A diverse line up of bands will play both acoustic and electric sets from 4-9 as events continue in the alley. As night falls, there will be a lantern walk where the community is urged to construct their own lanterns and bring them along. Music will continue indoors at the community house after 9.

Some of the bands scheduled to play are Barn Owl, The Flying Museum Band, Boxes and Bags, The Sure Things, The Winks,Ten Thousand Creatures, and Revolution Love.

Light Up Our Alley is a project organized by the Duspa Corner Collective (DCC). The DCC is an ecologically minded collective pushing for green cultural growth in and around Dupont and Spadina. Our goal is to convey the message that our urban public space should be a place for culture, communities, leisure, and the exchange of ideas.

In addition to the festival, other DCC projects include guerilla gardening and the creation of public art.