Monday, June 29, 2009

Barrio Nuevo condemns coup d’état in Honduras

Barrio Nuevo is a Latino community organization in Toronto which runs the radio program by the same name on Voces Latinas 1610AM. Barrio Nuevo is also the founder of the Frente Norman Bethune international exchange of community organizers, information of which can be found elsewhere on our website.

Barrio Nuevo strongly condemns and opposes the military coup d’état carried out today in Honduras forcibly removing the democratically-elected President, Manuel Zelaya. We call for the immediate reinstatement of President Zelaya and for those responsible for ordering and carrying out the coup d’état to be brought to justice. Furthermore, we call for the Canadian government to condemn the coup and to not recognize any illegal government in Honduras. Barrio Nuevo stands in solidarity with the Honduran people as they mobilize in the streets to denounce the coup in the face of violent repression from the military. For a report on the crisis in Honduras, click here:

Please call or send a message to Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, demanding that the Canadian government 1) denounce the coup d’état; 2) not recognize any illegal government in Honduras; 3) call for the immediate reinstatement of President Zelaya. Please send copies of any correspondence to Minister of State for the Americas, Peter Kent, and to the leaders of the three opposition parties. Finally, we call on our allies and progressive organizations in the GTA to support Honduran democracy, to call for President Zelaya’s reinstatement, and to remain vigilant as further actions and demonstrations are organized. To contact Barrio Nuevo, please send an email to


Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs
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Peter Kent, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas)
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