Tuesday, March 18, 2008

NY Army Recruitment Centre bombed

Basics Editorial

A small explosive device has caused minor damage to a military recruitment centre on New York City's world famous Times Square. Since it occurred very late at night, the centre was empty and no-one was injured, leaving only one window smashed

New York's Multi-Millionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg was quick to tell everyone to continue shopping and sight seeing, and suggested the attack on the recruiting office was an insult to US forces currently stationed around the World.

While the White House has already stated that no terrorism was involved, media reports did seem to indicate that they were investigating this being an act of protest by individuals or groups against the US' governments War on Iraq.

This will probably scare supporters of the war who will probably be reminded of the sort of actions staged around the world in the 1960s to protest against the War in Vietnam, where U.S. Embassies and U.S. officials were targeted.

The pattern fits similar bombs tossed at the British Consulate in 2005 and the Mexican Consulate last year. US officials seem to be grasping at anything to explain what happened, including investigating some Canadians as possible suspects.