Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Enemies of the People: Three Federal 'Leaders'

Basics Editorial

This is going to be a special edition of ‘Enemy of the people’, for the title will not be handed over to one person, but several.

First off, let’s give it up for Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion. Their first names aren't the only thing that these guys share slight variations of - their policies and ideas are pretty damn close as well. Dion postured himself as the peaceful, gentler alternative to known war-monger and racist Michael Ignatieff when the two were running for the Liberal Leadership (don't worry Bob Rae, former NDP Premier turned Liberal party flunky, we haven't forgotten about your class-traitor, Palestinian-hating ass either). 'I will be a voice against the war in Afghanistan' gestured Mr. Dion. Now - surprise, surprise - he is making a deal to keep Canadian troops in Afghanistan until at least 2011. To be fair, you can’t really be the leader of the Liberal party and not completely abandon one of your principle election promises (like Chretien with his promise to drop the GST and do away with NAFTA in the 1990s).

Harper, a former lobbyist for right-wing organizations based in Alberta is of course also in favour of keeping Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Both him and Mr. Dion are lap dogs to the wealthy and the transnational companies like Quebec-based SNC Lavalin that are making BILLIONS off war through reconstruction and munitions contracts.

So for being shamelessly able to send of young people to die and kill innocent people in order to make others rich, Stephen and Stephane are ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE. Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff - you can join your colleagues as enemies of the people too for
reasons already mentioned.

Now the NDP almost got off on this one, as Jack Layton in opposing the War in Afghanistan. And then they went ahead and supported the Conservatives walking out on the Durban Conference against Racism in South Africa in protest of motions condemning the disgusting and brutal colonial treatment of the Palestinian people by Israel. For sticking up for the racist state of Israel that has been killing hundreds of Palestinian children, women and men every year for 60 years, you can join the Liberals and Conservatives as Enemies of the People.