Saturday, October 17, 2009

Solidarity Fundraiser for Victims of Typhoon Ondoy

Philippine Solidarity Organizing Group presents...

8pm, Saturday, Oct 24 at "Not My Dog" 1510 Queen Street West (just west of Lansdowne)

Featuring: Hot Carl and the Cincinnati Bowties and other musical guests.

Solidarity Fundraiser for Victims of Typhoon Ondoy
8pm, Oct 24 at Not My Dog
(1510 Queen Street West, just west of Lansdowne)

featuring: Hot Carl and the Cincinnati Bowties and other musical guests.

$10 Cover (or pay-what-you-can)

Considering the tragedy, this a win/win situation here people. Come
out, have a few drinks, watch an amazing band, and be inspired by some
great cultural acts, all while raising a few dollars that will go
towards a great cause.

Most of you are aware of the devastating affects Typhoon Ondoy has had
on the Philippines. We are trying to make a small difference by
supporting the victims of the typhoon by providing some financial
assistance. Funds raised will be going direct to people's
organizations in the Philippines, rather than to the highly corrupt
Philippine government, which has been slow to respond to the people's
suffering. We are asking people to pay a $10 cover, or otherwise
whatever you can afford. The bar is not charging us anything for the
space and the musical acts are all volunteering their time. Now it’s
your turn to pass this on to a few people and make sure that you and a
few friends show up! It’s not a lot money and you will be having a
great time.

To be honest, even if we were not hosting the party, I would be
sending most of you a message regarding the show that “Hot Carl and
the Cincinnati Bowties” will be putting on. Every time I tell people
about their shows I say that I am not inviting them to watch a
friend’s band, but instead I am inviting them to watch an amazing
show. They have a ton of energy and play all kinds of covers with
their own creative twist. You will not be disappointed!

That being said, the disaster that was Typhoon Ondoy is no joking
matter. People there really are suffering and do need our help. Lets
be honest, there are a lot worse ways you could be spending $10 or a
Saturday night. Please come out and support the cause.

Thanks to Russ of Not My Dog for allowing us to use the bar and to
“Hot Carl and the Cincinnati Bowties” for allowing us to charge a

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