Friday, May 02, 2008


Saturday, May 3, 2008
Christie Pits Park (at Christie subway station)
12 Noon - Hosted by No One Is Illegal - Endorsed by 93 Supporting Organizations

*This is a child-friendly demonstration.Food and drinks will be available.There will be vehicles on-hand for those with reduced mobility.*

Millions across North America have taken to the streets in the lasttwo years demanding Status for All! In Toronto, workers, students,trade unionists, activists and community members have led passionatedemonstrations calling for justice and dignity for immigrants and refugees.

The last year has seen unprecedented targeting of refugees inSanctuary. Asylum seekers have been arrested from schools, workplacesand even hospital beds. Families have been torn apart. Over 12,000friends, family, and community members have been deported.

On March 14th 2008, the Conservative government introduced a series ofamendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA),buried in Bill c-50, a 136-page "budget implementation bill". Ifpassed, the Minister will have the discretion to refuse applicationseven where the applicants meet the elitist and racist criteria forpermanent residence, to refuse to even examine humanitarianapplications filed from abroad, and to arbitrarily set quotas on the"category" of person that can enter Canada – including quotas based oncountry of origin.

In the face of this intimidation and fear, our communities haverefused to be silenced. Together, we have forced immigrationenforcement out of Toronto District schools. Inspired frontlinecommunity workers have taken up the struggle for Access Without Fear.We have fought against, and stopped the deportations of allies andfriends.

But the fight is not over. There are over 500,000 undocumented peopleliving and working across Canada, over 200,000 in Toronto alone. They are forced to live in daily fear of jailing and deportation, withoutaccess to essential services. Bill C-50 would create even morecategories of "temporary foreign workers" without full status andwithout rights. These workers will be exploited as cheap labour, asmere commodities, used and then removed. We will not stand for this.

On May 3rd, as part of the National Days of Action for Status for All,we will take to the streets. We demand an end to detentions anddeportations. We demand access without fear to essential services. We demand an end to security certificates and secret trials. We demand afull and inclusive regularization program. We demand justice, dignityand respect!


The March will be followed by a community fair featuring music, performers, food, childrens activities and visual art displays