Monday, November 05, 2007

2,000+ March Against SPP

Police agents exposed by the people.

As the three leaders and corporate heads met on the grounds of the “Chateau Montebello” in Quebec to plot their agenda, more than 2000 people from across Canada and North America were also present on the streets outside the fortress- to demonstrate their absolute opposition to the Security and Prosperity Summit.

Hundreds of silent, armored, armed and gas-masked soldiers, riot police and RCMP officers prevented the demonstrators (ranging from bus loads of Torontonians to Mexican Trade Union leaders) from coming anywhere near the summit or even from delivering an anti-SPP petition signed by 10,000 Canadians to the politicians claiming to represent them.

As has been exposed by video and photo evidence and covered even in the mainstream press, the “security” forces in Montebello attempted to provoke violence within the demonstration from its very beginning. Within two hours into the protest, three masked, rock-carrying men wearing boots identical to those of the Quebec Provincial Police Force (SQ) appeared in the peaceful section of the protest. Almost immediately identified as agents- and confronted by angry protestors- the provocateurs easily slipped into Police ranks and were then “arrested” by their fellow officers. In an embarrassing confession after days of adamant denials (and only after they were caught red-handed, or yellow booted), the SQ has admitted these men were indeed disguised cops, but outrageously claimed that they were not trying to incite violence!

Unfortunately, the fact that its agents were exposed did not stop the SQ from attacking the demo. After most media left to file their reports by 6pm, police indiscriminately fired over 72 cans of tear gas along with rubber bullets. Several protestors were wounded - some severely enough to need medical care.